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Blockscape is a free construction game made in purest Minecraft style; it is based on the great game created by Mojang, and offers a relatively similar experience, only much more beautiful.

Blockscape, like all the other 'sandbox' block games, lets you modify the scenery to your will by taking away blocks from the ground (sand), the walls (stones), and even the trees (wood); to then use them in creating your own structures. The main difference is that Blockscape's creation mode is much more versatile.

Even though Blockscape will have more game modes in the future, the only one currently available in the development phase is 'survival mode', which lets you start off on a desert island to then let loose your imagination by taking out blocks and putting them somewhere else.

One of the most impressive aspects of Blockscape is its graphics, which contrast quite a bit with the other Minecraft 'clones' out there. The water, the sky, and the ground and wall textures all have amazing detail.

Blockscape is a very fun 'sandbox' that apart from standing out with its graphics, also comes with a gameplay that is slightly different to the usual in so far as block removal and placement is concerned.
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